The Witch of Blackbird Pond ~ EGS

My cousin, who’d got this novel from our lovely aunt who lived abroad, gave it to me several years ago. To be honest, i may be attracted to the title, but not the cover. I thought it was too old-fashioned and dull. Somehow, after knowing the joy of reading English literature, i found myself getting attached to this novel. I finished reading it less than a day. Even at the moment i wrote this post, i felt like i was still living in the New England and was about going to get on The Dolphin with the awesome Nat Eaton :)

To be sure, i loved some words of some characters that can be read below:

“People are afraid of things they don’t understand.”

“’Tis no use, William,” she said now. “You and I would always be uneasy, all of our lives. We would always be hoping for the other one to be different, and always being disappointed when it didn’t happen. No matter how hard I tried, I know I could never care about the things that seems so important to you.”

Mercy spoke toughtfully. “Try to understand, Judith.” she said slowly. “Sometimes it isn’t that a man doesn’t care. Sometimes he has to prove something to himself. I don’t think John wanted to go away. I think, somehow, he had to.”

The haunting joy eluded her; the dream shores were dim and unreal. Why had she closed her heart to the true meaning of the dream? How long had she really known that the piercing happiness of that moment had come not from the sight of the harbor at all, but from the certainty that the one she loved stood beside her?

“That ketch has a mind of her own. She’s contrary as a very witch herself. All the way up the river she’s been holding back somehow, waiting. Now you’ll both have to wait. I’m not going to disappoint her, Kit. When I take you on the board the Witch, it’s going to be for keeps.”

I think i will spare some times to write a very good review of this novel. See you then :)


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