My Story of Finding Perfect Eye Make Up

Ever since i knew make up, i’ve always hated make up artists who applied false make up technique on my eyes! In fact, none of them could apply perfect eye make up to me. Luckily, i found Youtube make up tutorials and learned applying make up properly. Once, i even wanted to be a make up artist (also hair stylist) when i was younger and crazier, hahahaha XD

Now, i understand the reason why no make up artists could make my eyes up perfectly. First, they were not professional (i went to cheap ones). Second, my eye shape are extraordinary (read: confusing). It’s far from common!

Let’s check the image below:





After checking this and also many other sources, i realized my eye shape is small almond with define upper line. It’s actually a challenge for make up artist but none of them will be let to do any experiment with my eyes anymore because I’ve found my best eye make up! Even in my wedding day, i’ll do the make up by myself. I’m not that huge fan of luxurious wedding party. My dream wedding is somehow 2-3 hours small intimate wedding with close friends and family. I’d better save the money for house, traveling or education.

Regarding eye make up, it’s not impossible anyone who randomly reads my post has same case with me so please check the make up tricks below. Hope it can help!

1. For everyday make up, I only use moisturizer, sun block and lip balm. No powder, foundation, concealer or any eye make up.

2. For not-so-everyday make up, I use moisturizer, sun block, coral or berry-shade lipstick, eye liner pencil and eye brow brush. Alhamdulillah i have define eye brow already but it’s often messy so brushing it is enough without applying anything on it.


2. For formal make up, I use moisturizer, sun block, coral or berry-shade lipstick, eye liner pencil, liquid eye liner, mascara, eye brow brush and eye brow pencil. I’m not a fan of eye shadow and i hate rubbing my eye lid. It can cause wrinkle faster. I have skin make up because i usually will cause a break out. I need time to heal so i have avoided applying them on my face ever since. When it’s oily, i’ll use oil blotting paper instead.


3. For “party” make up, I have to use eye shadow then other usual stuffs. The “party” i’m talking about here is actually just wedding parties :)





4. For future wedding, i like a make up which will enhance my natural beauty, not change my face to some typical pretty faces on the media. Just like “party” make up plus berry-shade lipstick, a little blush, foundation, concealer and powder. The last thing i want is to be so different in my wedding photos and my future husband waking up next to me seeing my bare face. For me, it’s more important to invest in my natural beauty than sophisticated make up and dress.