Before wearing hijab, i was not a modest girl. I had my hair cut short by stylist at prestigious hair saloon. The maximum length i’ve ever had was only to my shoulder. I was a member of high class sport club enjoyed swimming worn high quality swimwear brand used by athletes. I took care of my skin and body shape a lot because people could see it and being ugly was not acceptable for me. Not to forget the fancy clothing style. I was just ordinary urban girl who wanted to be adored. Oh yes, I got the attention from popular boys without having to chase after them, even when i had boyish haircut. It made me never had to question my beauty. After wearing hijab, i could say my life changed drastically. In my first year, i lost my charm. I could pass days without getting attention. At that time, i didn’t care because i was too busy thinking about my inner development. Just like other teens, i was searching my identity. As years went by, i have adapted hijab fashion and had found the right style which suit me perfectly. The men that pursued me decreased in quantity but increased in quality. Most of them weren’t attracted to me at first sight, but after a conversation or team work. I was very grateful because they appreciated me more than my physical appearance. They could praise me for my intelligence, kindness, creativity. Before, there were some boys who didn’t have polite gene not to voice or show disgusting epression of girls as merely sexual objects even in a classroom. Not to mention other public places. All said and done, i have never regretted my decision of wearing hijab. The modest lifestyle i have now has actually protected me from men who use women for their sexual needs only. They knew very well i could never provide it to them without marriage. It made my soul more peaceful. Alhamdulillah.

There she came. She was very pretty. Ah why should she be so cute, smart and interesting? She looked like Jodha from TV Soap Opera but in a mini size. I planned to praise her beauty like i always did in the past, but i had learned how most beautiful people didn’t like being praised for their physical appearance, especially women. They always wanted to be seen for more than what meets the eyes. Until she came to me and asked, “Why didn’t Syifa come, Kak?”. Hahahah how people could change a lot in years? Apparently, she was my sister’s friend who i knew long time ago. I was so jolly getting one new amazing friend who can share same business struggle. She run a family business which was rocky at the moment. So much for this entrepreneurial life!