7 Ways to Spot a Gentlewoman

  1. She’s like a Gentleman. As how people expect a Gentleman should behave, a Gentlewoman will behave similarly. She will keep her promises, help people bring heavy stuffs, hold door, help handicapped people cross the street, treat all men and women with respect (regardless their ages) and many other actions usually done by a Gentleman that society has approved.
  2. She’s understanding. You won’t find her getting angry when you forgot to greet her good morning, ask her whether she has had her lunch, even to the extreme that you have to cancel long-planned meeting with her because of work. Well, most Gentlewoman knows her worth so she will rarely fall for a man without vision in life. Therefore, she knows very well that kind of man is always busy. She knows he has lots to think about. You can just tell her that you need alone time to work, then she’ll give you long peaceful hours, handling things by herself, even made time to bring in your favorite snack and drink!
  3. She’s emotionally mature. One day or another, she can be a drama queen. She’s not perfect and she’s, well, woman. Forever feeler, no matter how many testosterone she may have. However, you won’t find her yelling at you in front of your business partners or potential clients even your own parents. She can also be jealous, of course, when you love someone, jealousy is inevitable, but she will only show it to you. She won’t come to the third person to confront or bully her. She’s too honorable for that.
  4. She apologizes. I heard it time and time again how men often said, “Women is always right.” Not the Gentlewoman. She spends her days contemplating and she never thinks she’s perfect. She will admit when her man is right. When she makes mistake, she doesn’t mind to be one to say sorry first. Even though, most of the time the fights are caused by both parties, not only one.
  5. She won’t waste your time. With her, you don’t need to wait for hours. She will shop herself, inform you when she’s going to come late, be clear about her intention and feeling with you before the whole situation get more complicated.
  6. She wants solution. It’s a popular belief in today’s world that when girls have a problem, all they want to do is have you listen to them on and on and they don’t want to hear solutions. This doesn’t apply for Gentlewoman. She doesn’t go around only for people to sympathize or even find gossip friend. She will be selective to whom she tell her problems and won’t spend hours only to be emotional looking for caring hearts.
  7. She is your team mate, not princess. When both of you must do a project together, such as cleaning the house or hosting a small family party, she will take a role of your co worker, not your boss or servant. She will work as hard as you, not less. If you insist, she’ll be creative in balancing your effort. When you go to the mall together, you won’t be one of those guys who has to bring woman’s handbag because she won’t let her man look stupid with that. She doesn’t like being treated as princess and be worshipped. She wants equality. You’ll feel that. Balance, yes, that’s what you’ll get when you have a Gentlewoman besides you.

3 Celebrity Couples Who Live Below Their Means

Leonardo DiCaprio & Toni Garrn

Leonardo-DiCaprio-Toni-GarrnToni Garrn is not exactly a household name, but she has achieved quite a bit of success as a model in the fashion world. Everyone knows the name Leonardo DiCaprio, as he starred in Titanic and has been acting for more than 20 years now. Over the course of his career, DiCaprio has been able to amass $220 million in net worth.

So how does the couple spend the nearly quarter billion dollars in net worth between them? It’s certainly not on transportation. DiCaprio himself drives a modest hybrid car that is valued at $100,000. He may never have to pay for gas or for another vehicle over the next 20 years. DiCaprio and Garrn hardly ever take private flights unless someone pays for them. The couple are often seen flying on commercial flights like the rest of us.

Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard

Kristen Bell Dax ShepardYou may recall the recent advertisements from Samsung that feature Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard portraying themselves through Bell’s pregnancy. It’s unclear how much the two were paid for this series of commercials, but we guarantee it was more than the wedding that they had.

While most girls dream of a big expensive wedding, most girls are not Kristen Bell. The grand total for the wedding festivities was $142. That’s right, if you buy an old iPod touch, there’s a good chance that it will cost more than their wedding did. They don’t just stop there, either, as Bell has admitted that she doesn’t like to pay full price at the store and brings her trusty coupon book wherever she goes.

Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan

Mark-Zuckerberg-Priscilla-ChanMark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook and one of the richest men in the world with a net worth of $33.3 billion. When you have that much money, you typically dress for success, but that certainly isn’t the case with Zuckerberg. The guy likes to do things on his own terms, and dressing comfortably in public is one of them. You will rarely catch Zuckerberg in a suit, but instead his signature jeans and sandals.

When Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan tied the knot, they barely spent any money on it. The two opted for a small wedding in the backyard of Zuckerberg’s estate. The couple doesn’t like to spend money on fancy dinners. They are often spotted hanging around at a Burger King or a McDonald’s. Even billionaires like to save money with the dollar menu from time to time.