For the first time in my life, i really regret wasting my youth. I’m almost 27 years old this year. What have i done? I’m no one. Nobody knows me. I want to be someone popular of my works. I write well, since my childhood, that’s what everyone who read my writing always told me (be it my family, friends, teachers, lecturers, strangers). I can play piano. I have beautiful singing voice. BUT look at me now? Who am i? I’m just anybody in this world. That’s why i don’t want this kind of thing happened to my junior. I still need to work on myself. I want to achieve more things. I want to be an influential and memorable writer. That’s what i’ve decided and it must happen!

This Is Why Finding The Right Spouse Is The Key To Your Career Success

Many have stated that having a relationship can have a detrimental effect on your career success, however with the right spouse, this can change everything. When your relationship is secure and your partner loves you, they can become a very good assistant to your achieving your goals and dreams. It’s important to recognise that your partner is supporting you because if they aren’t then they could be holding you back from success.

1. They don’t stand in your way

When you’ve got someone in your life who wants you to be the best you can be, they won’t try and get in the way of that. If you have to work overtime for a few weeks to ensure you get that promotion, they won’t complain that you come home late every night because they support your choices. Tip: Make sure that you thank your partner for supporting you and plan to do something special when all the hard work has come to an end.

2. They are excited about your job

Sometimes it can be annoying when none of your loved ones are interested in your job. When you have someone who is enthusiastic about sharing your work, it not only makes you feel more secure that you’ve made the right career choices but sharing can spark off new ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of without talking about it. Tip: Ensure that you are equally as enthusiastic about either your partner’s job or a hobby that they are keen on. This will ensure that your partner doesn’t feel neglected.

3. They aren’t intimidated by your success

A lot of men can be intimidated by dating a woman who is more successful than them. Women can also feel inferior and dependant if their partner is making more money than them. If your partner truly supports you, they won’t make you feel guilty about climbing the career ladder. They want you to be happy because it makes them happy. Tip: Don’t make your partner feel insecure by belittling their career or comparing their salary to yours.

4. They make you feel secure

Without stress from your relationship to deal with your mind is free to focus on the work at hand. If you’re constantly worried if your relationship is at risk, then no doubt it will be at the back of your mind when you really want to be 100% focused at work. Tip: Take a break from your work to focus on your partner to make them feel equally as secure and loved.

5. They know how to pick their fights

Yes, we all know how annoying it can be when your partner doesn’t clean up after themselves or changes the toilet roll but there is a time for that. When you’re with the right person they can sense when you’re stressed from work and know that if they nag or moan that it’s only going to make you more stressed. That’s why they won’t pick up on things when you are ‘work busy’. They don’t want to be the reason for your failure. Tip: Try to realise when you’re being a pain in the backside and don’t take your lover for granted by using work as an excuse for not giving them any attention or doing no chores.

6. They are positive without being unrealistic

There is a distinct difference between being positive about your goals and setting you up for disappointment. Someone who wants you to succeed knows when to encourage your crazy ideas and when not to. Of course it’s important that we encourage our loved ones even when the odds are against them but if they are the number 1 cheerleader for your quest to become an astronaut when you have a degree in journalism, it shows a lack of respect and understanding. Tip: Don’t take offence when your other half doesn’t get as excited as you are. They’re only looking out for you and have your best interest at heart.

7. They know how to help you relax

All work and no play was never good for anyone. When your spouse can sense that you’re hitting a dead end, they know how to take your mind off your work. Whether this is a day out, a quite night in, or some good old love making. This is a good thing because sometimes we need a break from our work in order to succeed. With the right person you can strike the perfect balance between work and leisure time without sacrificing anything. Tip: Be proactive and suggest something to do. Don’t rely on your spouse to always come up with ideas. 


Dear Future Husband

I fell in love. He’s an old friend of mine. I’m sorry.

I love him, but it’s just for now, for today, for this month. Who knows next month or next year?

We’re not on the same page after all. He may be You, but he will never be You if he never make any move.

He can never win me like You’ll do. You will be brave and decisive. You will take a risk. You will come to my parents. You will claim me to the world. You will marry me.

He’s not Your competition.

Yes, i gave him a little gift which i’ve never given to any guys before him.

But for You, i will write LONG love letter. I also have other wonderful gifts and plans that i have prepared for years.

My Anchor, he will never get the part of me that i’m planning to give to You.

And the love i have for You will be something You can never imagine exists.

I promise You that.

You have my words.

I love You.

Best regards,

Your Future Wife